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Corporate Strategy

Steady Powerful Large Long

The Concept

Company Mission
Create quality products.
To create maximum value for our clients and achieve a win-win with customers.
Company Objective
Based on domestic.
Expanded on overseas.
Company Policy
Quality Prospers Company.
Brand Societe Generale.
Human Resources Policy
Out of and the discovery of talent.
Making use of personnel's advantages.
Foster the innovation consciousness of managers and employees.
Making the staff supernormal growth, maturity, success.
Employee Relations
Go hand in hand.
Be of one heart and one mind.
Help each other.
Solidarity and friendship.
Firm Growth
First people, after doing things.
Grow up together with company.
Enterprise core values
Customer Satisfaction.
Employee Satisfaction.
Stockholder Satisfaction.
Service Spirit
Once a decision is reached, it must be firmly carried out.
Handling affairs carefully and reaching the acme of perfection.
Seeking increasing perfection.
Team Awareness
Sincere cooperation
Common struggle
Group solidarity
Shaping dynamic team
To build SUERDA family together

Quality Principle

Lean Production Links together tightly Precise Sustainable development.

Quality Objective

To achieve product one-time pass rate 100%.
Customers satisfaction degree95%.

Manpower Mechanism

People oriented, Survival of the fittest; People-oriented,capable, the levels were so, Yongzhe.
Recruitment according to the requirement, take up a job through competition, To achieve the required posts, competition.